What's Left Is Yours

Punk from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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What's Left Is Yours is a 3 piece punk band from Queensland, Australia.


Tom, Sumit and Max


Australia is all the way across the planet on a literal note, but What’s Left is Yours is a childhood friendship turned trio band that is now ready to call the world their home. Referencing nostalgic bands such as Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, and The Offspring as influences to their early formative years. Formed by friends Tom, Sumit, and Max, the three have created an addicting sound that’s by far going to be hard to ignore.

The bands first EP which features “Punk Rock Party” and “Mexico” is as diverse as their backgrounds (each member of the band growing up in different continents). “They’re playing a catchy-sing-along-Hardcoreish Pop-Punk. Confused? Let me explain: Being the sucker that I am, I got hooked at the 0:25 mark of the highly addictive opening song “Punk Rock Party”. But when I started listening to “Insanity”, the song that followed, I was like “Fuck, am I listening to the same band?!” A completely different sound from the first tune”
- Dying Scene

The song “Mexico” went through many lyrical changes during its inception. The band finally settled on the subject of wanting to escape from a life of working, being told what to do, to find a life of freedom with out the pressure expectation. The song aims take you right back to your teenage years and refuel the young, fun, ambitious spark from the lyrics to the overall sound.

The band are not to be taken as a joke, they know where they are heading… their just not forgetting to have fun along the way.


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